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Make every night restorative

Experience the Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed that's powered by Restorative Intelligence to actively put you to sleep, stop you waking mid-cycle and wake you more restored.

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Restorative Sleep Technology

Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology™ builds on leading-edge scientific research to introduce a fundamentally new approach to optimizing natural, restorative sleep.

For your home

Bryte Balance is the smart mattress with connected technology that optimizes sleep every night.

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For your hotel

Adopt the new sleep standard in hospitality with the only smart mattress for luxury hotels and wellness resorts.

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Bryte technology optimizes natural restorative sleep

Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology is purpose-built to increase sleep duration and sleep efficiency, the proven key influencers of restorative sleep.

Learn your optimal comfort

AI guides you to your optimal comfort from soft to firm.

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Customize individually

Each sleeping partner's gets separate firmness from the other.

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Fall asleep faster

Somnify™ multi-sensory relaxation actively puts you to sleep

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Sleep through the night

Bryte Rebalancing™ actively removes disruptive pressure

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Wake delightfully

Bryte Silent Wake Assist™ wakes you with a gentle silent motion

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Understand & improve

Track your sleep without wearables and uncover valuable insights

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Serving luxury hotels & wellness resorts

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Not all sleep is equal

Thanks to modern sleep science, we now understand the importance of sleep quality, as well as quantity.

By taking an holistic approach to sleep quality, we unlock the full potential of natural, restorative sleep to restore our bodies and enrich our lives.

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