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Transform your offering with Bryte

The sleep industry is currently at the beginning of a personal technology revolution. As consumer awareness of sleep health and the market for effective solutions expands rapidly, Bryte has developed breakthrough data, engineering and AI technology that brings the proven benefits of restorative sleep to end customers through collaborative partnerships with the world’s best bed makers.

With a team deeply versed in product delivery, you can count on our organization, processes, and expertise to help you easily integrate Bryte solutions into your portfolio of products.

Innovative, turn-key solutions for bed manufacturers

Partnering with Bryte means bringing powerful market advantages to your business, including exclusive access to our proprietary technology and advanced research programs. We’ll also help you navigate the ideal course of action for your product portfolio, letting you focus on introducing your customers to the exceptional sleep experiences they seek.


Grounded in science

Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology™ platform is built on leading-edge research from the most respected neuroscience and sleep science labs in the world. Restorative Sleep Technology measures, adjusts and refines the experience for sleepers each night and over time, to optimize the three critical components of quality sleep: duration, efficiency, and balanced sleep stages.


Proven technologies

Bryte’s platform has been tested thoroughly and demonstrated to deliver natural restorative sleep high in both quantity and quality, so that sleepers wake feeling recovered and re-energized. It is specifically designed to be easily incorporated into the product portfolios of mattress manufacturers.


Exclusive turn-key access

By partnering with us you’ll have exclusive access to our Restorative Sleep Technology solutions and our expert team. We’re able to integrate Bryte’s patented technology, native mobile app, and cloud platform (hosting the data analysis, artificial intelligence, and delivery engines) quickly and seamlessly with minimal time and effort on your part.

How Bryte can help

Bryte’s team has tested and optimized the delivery of our sleep technology to the market, and partners with you to ensure seamless integration into your portfolio of products.


Simple supply chain integration

Bryte eliminates the need for you to invest additional time searching for suppliers and components. Brytes supply chain is optimized and prepared to service licensee vendors.


End-to-end solution

From R&D to operation and supply chain support, we can integrate our Restorative Sleep Technology™ platform seamlessly with extensive support.


Pre-tested in market

Bryte’s solutions have been and continue to be validated by leading luxury hotels, wellness resorts and their discerning guests throughout the US.

Unique, advanced technology

Bryte supplies Restorative Sleep Technology™, a new integrated platform of technologies designed to support superior quality restorative sleep.

We’ve integrated breakthroughs in physical design with advances in AI and data capture technology, to create a platform that supports the most rejuvenating sleep experience in the sleep industry.


Restorative Intelligence™

Using specialized AI, Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology identifies the unique needs of any individual sleeper and responds precisely. It personalizes every dimension of the sleep experience, making minute, proactive adjustments throughout the night to ensure rest and rejuvenation for sleepers.


Complete software platform

Bryte removes complexity for mattress manufacturers intent on bringing the most advanced smart bed to market. Starting with a robust Bryte Operating System and its associated native Bryte App for iOS and Android devices, manufacturers can quickly begin offering consumers restorative sleep experiences, services, and analytics via the Bryte cloud.


Proprietary rebalancing system

Bryte’s unique dynamic support system makes highly accurate adjustments to ensure ideal support. The technology identifies pressure imbalances that might compromise sleep while the system proactively rebalances support, preventing wake events.

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