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The new sleep standard in hospitality

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Sleep satisfaction is guest satisfaction

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of guest satisfaction.

Bryte Balance™ mattress ensures guests have an exceptional sleep experience, helping build brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Recent sleep science and consumer research confirms that guest sleep is a critical component of the guest satisfaction equation.

Nearly 81% of travelers say a comfortable bed is the "single-most important" feature in a hotel room.

“guest sleep is a critical component
of the guest satisfaction equation.”

Good sleep is indeed great for business.

1 Robbins, R., Grandner, M., Knowlden, A., & Severt, Kimberly. (2020). Examining key hotel attributes for guest sleep and overall satisfaction. Tourism and Hospitality Research 0 (0) 1-12

Introducing the Restorative Sleep Experience

The Bryte Balance mattress provides a delightful, personalized experience that delivers through every room, every night.


More restoration

Designed to help guests restore their energy and clarity in new environments, Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology™ helps guests fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, unlock critical sleep stages, and wake naturally.


More personalization

Bryte enables you to provide the ideal customized sleep experience for any guest, by understanding each individual sleeper’s needs, and adjusting inch-by-inch comfort in real-time, throughout the night.


More wellness

By actively improving sleep, Bryte Balance™ forms the centerpiece of your portfolio of health and wellness-focused amenities that are critical to differentiation. Sleep that reinvigorates guests’ mental, physical, and emotional health is sleep worth traveling the world to find.

Bryte Balance™ hospitality features

Bryte’s platform is purpose-built for hospitality clients, so you can provide your discerning guests with the ultimate in sleep comfort and luxury.

Uniquely, Bryte Balance allows guests to customize personal preferences or opt to have their restoration needs intelligently determined as they sleep. They can even access settings from their own Bryte profile, effectively traveling with their bed. One bed, perfect for every guest.

Speak with us to learn about our hospitality packages, and how we can combine features to complement your unique guest experience.


Dual Comfort TailoringTM

No two sleepers are the same. Guests can personalize support settings on each side of the bed based on their individual sleeping preferences.



Synchronizes sleep-inducing sounds with movement beneath the body to gently soothe guests to sleep faster.



Continually orchestrates the perfect, personalized support with a matrix of up to 90 intelligent cushions that sense, target and relieve pressure spikes

Sleep analysis

Sleep Insights

Valuable insights on sleep duration, sleep stages and more to help guests visualize their improvement towards restorative sleep.

Portable profile

Bryte Profile

Access sleep settings and preferences whenever guests return to any Bryte room or location they’ve booked with you.

Bryte Application

Bryte Application

Guests can access the web-based Bryte Balance™ app through their personal devices to unlock Bryte Balance’s capabilities and personalize their sleep experience.

Natural wake

Silent Wake Assist

Silent, rhythmic motions gradually wake guests to prep their mind and body for the start of the day.

Natural wake

Bring Your Own Device

Guests can access the web-based Bryte Balance app by scanning the QR code provided in their room to unlock Bryte Balance’s capabilities and personalize their sleep experience.

Custom application programming and smart technology integrations are available for hospitality clients.

Learn more about Bryte technology

The business case for better sleep

Attract new guests seeking the latest in wellness and travel, unlock higher ADRs in suites and wellness guest rooms, create an additional hotel revenue stream with Bryte enabled consumer affiliate program, and give guests the sleep they’ll come back for.


Entice new guests seeking the latest standard in wellness and hospitality.


Make a lasting impression on guests through a truly personal experience.

Build loyalty

Let guests “travel with their bed”, or save their settings to their personal Bryte profile, so their sleep experience improves with each visit.

Guests love The Restorative Sleep Experience


Slept on a Bryte Bed at Rancho Valencia Resort and loved it.

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Rancho Valencia Guest


My husband and I got to experience your bed while staying at The London West Hollywood and it’s the best sleep we’ve had in years! Looking forward to purchasing.

London West Hollywood

London West Hollywood Guest


We slept on your mattress at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale and loved it!

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Fairmont Scottsdale Guest


From the moment you drive in, you feel like you are being taken care of. Room was impeccable! We had the one with a Bryte bed and it was probably the best sleep I have ever gotten in a hotel room!

London West Hollywood

Donna L


I stayed in one of the wellness rooms with a Bryte bed for a conference and it was a game changer. I really enjoyed my time there and will certainly be back!

Lake Nona Wave Hotel

Colin J


We stayed at the Hyatt in Bellevue, WA. There was a Bryte bed in the room we stayed in. We have now requested that same room ever since. This bed has helped me & my husband with being hot sleepers and also believe this would help my husband with his back issues. We're hoping to own one of our own once they become available.

Hyatt Regency Bellevue

Hyatt Regency Guest


We would very much like to purchase a king. Slept on it at Rancho Valencia and loved it.

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Rancho Valencia Guest


Stayed at Cavallo Point and love this bed.

Cavallo Point Lodge

Cavallo Guest


I slept on the mattress for 7 months at the Park Hyatt New York. This mattress has tremendously helped my sleep issues. I cannot sleep the same without. Please reach out to me so I can purchase this mattress.

Park Hyatt New York

Park Hyatt Guest


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