To improve sleep on the deepest level
the experience must be
tailored to the individual.
That’s why we created the Bryte Balance™ smart bed.
We’ve made over 22.9 million adjustments to reduce pressure for our sleepers!
strongly agree that the Bryte Balance smart bed helps them sleep through the night *
strongly agree that the Bryte Balance smart bed helps them fall asleep quickly *
on their Bryte Balance smart bed when compared to their previous mattress **
Radically different.
The Bryte Balance smart bed features up to 90 dynamic air chambers for intelligent row-by-row adjustability. Across 16 independent zones, Bryte gently adjusts the firmness of individual rows of Bryte Balancers™ for a uniquely adaptable surface.

This bed can do things you never dreamt a mattress could do.
Real time adjustments
relieve pressure.
Sensing even small imbalances in pressure, Bryte Balancing™ Technology makes gentle, targeted adjustments in firmness to remove points of pressure across your body.
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Over 20 multi-sensory experiences help you
drift away.
BryteWaves™, Bryte’s library of sleep content, combines head-to-toe motion in the mattress with curated audio, like falling rain. Relax, unwind, and easily drift to sleep.
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Choose your comfort
on both sides of the bed.
Using your unique attributes and sleep preferences, your Bryte Balance smart bed guides you to your ideal comfort setting.
Already know what you like? From soft to firm, choose what’s right for you.
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Sleep Insights
Visualize your journey towards Restorative Sleep by using nightly sleep metrics to understand your sleep patterns and build healthy sleep habits.

The Bryte Blanace smart bed measures heart rate, breath rate, and movement to provide valuable insights on sleep duration, sleep efficiency, and sleep stages.
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Sleep Concierge™
Sleep Concierge analyzes your data to help you identify behavior trends and their impact on sleep.
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Wake peacefully with
Silent Wake Assist
Silent motion in the mattress gradually starts to wake you 15 minutes before your set wake time, all without disturbing your partner.

For more peaceful mornings, let your Bryte Balance smart bed ease you out of sleep before the jarring noise of an alarm.
Bryte Balance Smart Bed Q&A
With more restful sleep, get the most out of your day from your Bryte Balance smart bed.
* Based on external study of Bryte Balance users conducted by an independent 3rd party over 30 days
** Based on internal Bryte study of new Bryte Balance owners after 7 days