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Bryte Balance Smart Bed

The smart mattress with connected technology that optimizes sleep every night

Puts you to sleep

strongly agree Bryte Balance™ helps them fall sleep quickly.*

Keeps you asleep

strongly agree Bryte Balance helps them sleep through the night.*

Delivers Restoration

get more restorative sleep from Balance than previous mattress.**
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Radically different

The Bryte Balance Smart Bed features cutting-edge technology. The heart of this advanced technology is an adaptive core of up to 90 intelligent cushions that support the entire body and individually change from soft to firm within seconds to maximize sleep quality and optimize sleep health.

It's not only the ultimate personalized, adjustable comfort smart mattress; through its advanced design, it can do things you never even dreamt a mattress could do.


Actively puts you to sleep

Somnify guides you to sleep with a multi-sensory experience of soothing, otherworldly physical sensations synchronized with sleep-inducing audio.

Choose from an ever-expanding library of compositions including guided meditation, soundscapes and music, each paired within unique motion.

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Stops you waking mid-cycle

Bryte's core of up to 90 rebalancers sense any pressure imbalances that could disturb your sleep These pressure sensors monitor your body weight and distribution and actively adjust within seconds with silent precision maintaining your preferred firmness or softness.

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Dual Comfort Tailoring™

Personalized comfort for each side of the mattress

Dual comfort tailoring allows you and your partner to personalize firmness preferences on each side of the smart mattress so you can both achieve maximum comfort. Bryte guides you in finding your ideal comfort (from 20 grades of soft to firm) based on your unique attributes and sleeping preference.

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Sleep Concierge

AI-powered mattress expert, sleep scientist, life coach

Powered by Bryte’s Restorative AI™, Sleep Concierge provides the meaning behind your metrics and can adjust the comfort of your mattress, even if it’s just for the night.

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And more...

The experience of the Bryte Balance Smart Bed extends beyond the mattress itself, with purposeful connected services, like sleep tracking, delivered through a delightful and intuitive app for iPhone or Android.

Silent Wake Assist

Wake refreshed with a gentle motion that gradually moves to higher intensity levels until you wake.

Over-the-air updates

New content, features and benefits pushed to your bed regularly.

Owner Reviews

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The Next Level Bed

The ability to adjust your comfort level along with the soothing massage techniques are fantastic! I look forward to the additions to Somnify down the road!


The Bryte team and bed are incredible

Everything about our experience with Bryte was fantastic. The team was very responsive, answered all of our questions thoroughly, and helped us get our new bed set up quickly. I cannot say enough about how incredible this bed is. I used to have difficulty falling asleep at night, but the dynamic lull helps put me to sleep to quickly, and it keeps me asleep throughout the night. I wake up much earlier than my wife, and the bed’s wake assist feature wakes me up early in the morning without a sound so that my wife can continue sleeping while I get ready for the day.



More than just a great night of sleep.

I wish I could tell you about my experience… but I was asleep! This bed has helped me with my insomnia, back pain, waking up with ease, you name it the bed probably helped. Anytime I question if it’s actually the bed helping, I travel and all of those issues come back! The dynamic lull is my favorite feature. My husband wakes up very early and doesn’t need a noisy alarm thanks to this bed. The Bryte team is an amazing example of customer service, always available to help. Very grateful we bought our bed.


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Common questions about the Bryte Balance™ smart mattress

How does a smart bed contribute to great sleep?

A smart bed mattress empowers you to experience truly restorative sleep through personalized comfort enabled by technology.

The restorative theory of sleep teaches us that not all sleep is of equal value—a long night of restless sleep is not equivalent to an equal, or even slightly shorter, night of deep, restorative sleep. A good night’s sleep leaves you feeling refreshed upon waking and ready to live your best life during the day ahead.

A smart mattress enables customizable comfort that can be reached through adjusting the mattress itself or through remote control via a smartphone app.That being said, not all smart technology is the same. There are smart mattresses and then there is Bryte Smart Mattress technology.

Bryte’s mission is to help people reach their full potential for sleep quality through the restorative power of natural sleep. Around the globe, many suffer the countless mental and physical effects of poor sleep without even realizing the root of the problem. The proprietary technology in smart mattresses like Bryte Balance can foster natural, more restorative sleep by employing technology to personalize and actively adjust comfort throughout the night. Plus, the Bryte Balance smart mattress provides sleep insights when you wake so you can understand how your previous day impacts your sleep trends.

About one third of an entire human life is spent sleeping. That’s more time than most will ever spend at work, with friends, or doing any other hobby. With that in mind, it is important to find a mattress that will provide the best quality of sleep night after night, and, therefore, the best quality of life. A smart mattress is powered to do just that.

What makes the Bryte Balance smart bed smart?

The ultimate solution for life-changing sleep, the Bryte Balance smart bed is the product of scientific research and high-tech development.

The Bryte Balance smart mattress uses Rebalancing technology to adapt to your movements while you sleep. Bryte’s Rebalancing technology is powered by an intelligent matrix of responsive cushions. These cushions readily react in real time by adjusting their level of firmness to ensure continous comfort and unbroken sleep for any body type and sleep position.

By measuring slight changes in PSI, Bryte’s smart mattress technology makes targeted firmness adjustments to relieve pressure points before they cause discomfort and wake you up. Uninterrupted sleep is restorative sleep, and a truly smart bed will help you achieve it by actively adapting to your needs throughout the night. Bryte also understands that no two people sleep exactly alike and offers dual adjustability delivering all of these benefits to both sleepers.  

Bryte goes beyond comfort preference. Detailed sleep tracking enables you to form and maintain good sleep habits and Somnify helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep.   

App control from our simple and intuitively designed app makes these adjustments quick and easy.

Are you ready for smart sleep?

The Bryte Balance smart bed mattress is truly a revolution in the world of sleep—a world we’d all like to spend a large amount of our lives enjoying.

Paired with its powerful smart bed technology, Bryte Balance also features a breathable foam layer, cool-to-touch fabric, and elegant design. Bryte’s proprietary and patented technology is the reason why no other sleep solution is comparable.

We invite you to discover the difference that life-changing, restorative sleep can offer. Enjoy the maximum comfort of ideal sleep. Enjoy a comfortable night, every night through the custom sleep routines provided by the most advanced smart bed on the market today. 

* Based on external study of Bryte Balance users conducted by an independent 3rd party over 30 days
** Based on internal Bryte study of new Bryte Balance owners after 7 days