Make Every Night Restorative

The mattress with connected technology to optimize restorative sleep

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Make every night restorative

Bryte Balance is integrated with purposeful connected technology to help unlock restorative sleep.

Powered with Restorative Intelligence, Bryte Balance includes a relaxation experience, Somnify™, that pairs calming sleep-inducing sounds with soothing motions to help you fall asleep faster and Rebalancing™ technology that proactively removes pressure imbalances before they wake you.

Get unbroken sleep

Bryte’s Rebalancing technology continually orchestrates the perfect, personalized support and comfort to minimize wake events for any sleeper in any position with a matrix of intelligent cushions that sense, target and relieve pressure spikes.

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Fall asleep faster

Unwind into a peaceful sleep with Somnify, Bryte’s multi-sensory relaxation experience. Somnify synchronizes sleep-inducing sounds with gentle movements beneath your body to ease you into a calm mental state.

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Customize without compromise

No two sleepers are the same. Bryte’s Dual Comfort Tailoring™ allows both you and your partner to adjust your support settings and provides comfort guidance based on each of your unique attributes and sleeping preferences.

Silent Wake Assist

Silent, rhythmic motions to gradually wake you from your sleep without disturbing your partner.

Sleep Insights

Gain valuable insights on sleep duration, sleep stages and more to help you continuously improve your restorative sleep.

Premium Construction

Moisture wicking, breathable mattress fabrics maximize comfort. With a fully enclosed power unit, design is not compromised.

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Unlock the power of restorative sleep with Bryte Membership.

As a Bryte Member, you get access to meaningful features including our multi-sensory relaxation experience, Somnify™, Silent Wake Assist, sleep coaching content, and Bryte profile which allows you to access your sleep data when staying in any Bryte partner hotel.

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