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Bryte and Fullpower®-AI Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Revolutionize the Sleep Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 25, 2023 – Bryte, the leader in restorative sleep technology and creator of the industry-leading Bryte Balance smart bed, and Fullpower®-AI, the industry leader for AI-powered global IoT biosensing and sleep science, announced a strategic partnership to developthe ultimate sleep experience for consumers worldwide. The collaboration aims to integrate Bryte's restorative sleep mattresses into Fullpower®-AI's vettedand deployed AI-powered IoT biosensing PaaS platform worldwide, thus creating a transformative sleep experience.

The Bryte Balance mattress contains purposeful connected technology that helps you fall asleep faster and reduces wake events throughout the night, unlocking transformational restorative sleep. Bryte Balance is available at and can be experienced at luxury hotels and wellness resorts nationwide, including the Park Hyatts in New York and Chicago,Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach, Carillon Wellness Resort, Cavallo Point, and many more.

Fullpower®-AI's proprietary AI algorithms and biosensing technology are clinically validated to accurately monitor sleep patterns, cardiovascular and breathing metrics, AHI (apnea), and other biometrics.With over 100,000 new daily live home sleep recordings, five years of history, and 250+ million nights of sleep recorded with high fidelity, analyzed, and processed by our sleep experts using AI and machine learning, Fullpower®-AI’s tools analyze differences and changes over time in detailed sleep patterns day-after-day.

Combining our expertise in personalized restorative sleep experiences and Fullpower®-AI’s expertise in sleep science, IoT, and AI-driven biosensing, we will look forward to delivering unparalleled sleep experiences that improve overall health and well-being.

Luke Kelly, CEO of Bryte

"Bryte's mission is to empower livesthrough restorative sleep using leading-edge technology, and our partnershipwith Fullpower®-AI will help take our solutions to the next level," saidLuke Kelly, CEO of Bryte. "Combining our expertise in personalizedrestorative sleep experiences and Fullpower®-AI’s expertise in sleep science,IoT, and AI-driven biosensing, we will look forward to delivering unparalleledsleep experiences that improve overall health and well-being."

The Fullpower®-AI and Bryte partnership will focus on developing new solutions to improve the sleep experience. By leveraging Fullpower®-AI's AI-driven sleep monitoring capabilities and globalIoT PaaS, Bryte's restorative sleep technology solutions will significantly enhance its ability to optimize sleep quality and adapt to the user's needs throughout the night.

"The future of sleep technology is here, and we are thrilled to partner with Bryte in this exciting venture," saidPhilippe Kahn, CEO of Fullpower®-AI. "Our AI-powered IoT biosensing solutions will complement Bryte's innovative restorative sleep technology platform, resulting in a sleep experience that is truly transformative."

The Fullpower®-AI and Bryte collaboration promises to create an intelligent sleep system that will revolutionize people's sleep worldwide, providing restorative rest that enhances overall health and well-being.In addition, the partnership will foster innovation in the sleep industry, setting a new standard for personalized sleep solutions.


About Fullpower®-AI

Fullpower®-AI is the leader in AI-modeled biosensing algorithms and embedded AI machine Learning solutions and a pioneer for generative AI for Synthetic trial augmentation. Fullpower®-AI partners include Samsung, Tempur-Pedic, NuSkin, and others. For our partners, Fullpower®-AI delivers a complete IoT PaaS platform vetted and deployed worldwide for machine learning, remote contactless biosensing, and end-to-end smart connected devices in life sciences, health, and biotechnology. In addition, Fullpower's platform is backed by 135+ patents and is SOC 2 Type II certified. For more information, visit or contact

About Bryte

Founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, Bryte is the first technology platform for restorative sleep. Available with select hotel partners and directly to consumers at, Bryte's latest product—the Bryte Balance mattress—is powered by Bryte's unique Restorative Intelligence that harnesses technology to optimize sleep. The connected mattress does this through technology that removes pressure imbalances before they wake you, comfort settings that can be customized for each side of the mattress, and its unique multisensory relaxation experience, SomnifyTM, that synchronizes sleep-inducing sounds with gentle movement beneath your body to ease you into a peaceful mental state. Bryte has raised over $40M to date with investors, including Tempur Sealy International, ARCHina Capital, 10x Group, Evolution VCPartners, and more. For more information, visit

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