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Best Dual Firmness Mattress for Couples

Best Dual Firmness Mattress for Couples

Couples who sleep on the same bed can sometimes find it hard to agree on a mattress. The ideal mattress for couples should offer a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface that accommodates both partners’ unique sleep preferences. A dual firmness mattress can offer the perfect solution to this problem.

A dual firmness mattress is a mattress that’s able to feature two distinct firmness or comfort levels—one on either side. This type of mattress provides a customizable sleeping surface that can cater to each partner’s individual sleep needs and comfort preferences. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a dual firmness mattress and why it’s the best choice for couples.

What is a Dual Firmness Mattress?

A dual firmness mattress is a bed that features different firmness levels on each side. Often, smart mattresses feature dual firmnesses. This type of mattress is designed to cater to the needs of two people sleeping on the same bed. Typically, couples will select a setup where one side of the mattress is firmer and the other side is softer, allowing each partner to have the level of firmness they prefer, providing a balance between comfort and support.

Benefits of a Dual Firmness Mattress

Customizable Sleeping Surface

One of the main benefits of a dual firmness mattress is that it provides a customizable sleeping surface. Each partner can select their preferred firmness level, ensuring that both partners are comfortable and well-supported throughout the night.

Better Sleep Quality

Different people sleep better on different levels of firmness. A dual firmness mattress can improve sleep quality for both partners. A mattress that is too soft or too firm can cause discomfort and interrupt sleep patterns for one or both partners. A dual firmness mattress allows each partner to choose their preferred firmness level, reducing the chances of discomfort that would result in broken sleep and improving sleep quality.

An Improved Relationship

Sleeping on a dual firmness mattress can improve communication between partners and limit the friction of one or both sleepers needing to compromise their comfort needs and preference. A comfortable and supportive sleeping surface can reduce the likelihood of disagreements and complaints about sleep quality. Improved sleep quality can also result in less stress and more energy, leading to a more harmonious relationship.

Some couples have such a hard time sleeping together that they end up getting a “sleep divorce,” meaning that they decide to sleep in separate beds or bedrooms. Thankfully, dual firmness smart mattresses can give each spouse the right support so this problem can be remedied.

Types of Dual Firmness Mattress Constructions

It’s not always easy to find a single mattress with two firmness levels unless you purchase a smart mattress. To get a mattress with two unique firmness levels, it’s often necessary to purchase two Twin XL mattresses of differing firmness and place them side by side. Keep in mind that It’s important to ensure they’re the same profile height, which may limit your options within a brand. You can do this with several types of mattresses in the market, available in different mattress constructions. The most common types include:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Sometimes sold as a “bed in a box,” memory foam mattresses have become commonplace in the industry. They’re made of one or more layers of memory foam that molds to the body, providing a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. Because of their unique construction and the way they conform to the body, all foam mattresses are less prone to sagging. Purchasing a queen or king mattress with memory foam may provide each partner with somewhat customized comfort, but with foam constructions, often two Twin XLs with different firmness levels is still the option couples choose when they have varying firmness needs.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of innerspring and memory foam technology. Like memory foam mattresses, they’re sometimes sold as a “bed in a box.” They provide the support of innerspring and the comfort of memory foam. When couples prefer a hybrid mattress construction but can’t agree on firmness, generally two Twin XLs are sought out so each partner can have their desired level of firmness.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are less practical when it comes to customized firmness because of their construction . They feature a layer of springs topped with a small layer of foam, and when placed side-by-side, the tailoring can leave a more noticeable separation between the two mattresses.. The springs provide superior support. To create two distinct levels of firmness in an innerspring mattress, it’s common to purchase two Twin XL mattresses with differing levels of firmness.

Smart Dual Firmness Mattresses

By far the very best option for a dual firmness mattress is a smart mattress. These are generally available in the sizes of Queen, King, and California King. The beauty of a dual firmness smart mattress is that it allows each sleeper to select their optimal comfort while they share the same bed. Smart dual firmness mattresses often use a remote or an app to allow each sleeper to customize their firmness level for maximum comfort.


A dual firmness mattress is the best choice for couples who want a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface focused on each partner's unique needs. A dual firmness mattress provides a customizable sleeping surface, improves sleep quality, and can improve the relationship of partners. To achieve these results with alternate constructions, generally these mattresses must be a Split King or two Twin XLs. While some couples opt to use two Twin XL mattresses that are either memory foam, innerspring, or feature hybrid technology to give them the dual firmness their preferences require, a smart mattress is often the best option since it allows for a couple to have one single mattress and still experience customized firmness that can be adjusted across the lifetime of the mattress. 

Common questions about dual firmness mattresses

What is a dual firmness mattress?

A dual firmness mattress is a bed that features two different levels of firmness on either side of the bed. This allows each partner to sleep on the firmness that is most comfortable for them, making the bed more suitable for couples with different sleeping preferences. Sometimes these mattresses are split in the middle. Other mattresses are not split, but do still have the split firmness feature.

Are there mattresses with different firmness on each side?

Yes, there are several dual firmness mattresses on the market that offer different firmness levels on either side of the bed. While these can be effective, many opt for a smart mattress that allows for a range of customization on either side. 

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