Setting Up Your Bryte Bed

What Smart Phones are compatible with the Bryte app?

Your Bryte Balance smart mattress is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems; a list of compatible smartphones can be found HERE.

What is the set up process?

The Bryte Balance set up process is intuitive and straightforward. When the mattress is correctly positioned on your choice of foundation, attache the power brick and plug into a nearby outlet. If the green light on the power supply is illuminated, the mattress is properly plugged in.

Next, download the Bryte app onto your phone and follow the prompts to create your account (or log in if you already have one). Once logged in, the app will walk you through the rest of the set up process, which includes selecting your wifi network and getting your initial comfort recommendation. .

Please note, you will need to be near your bed to complete set up.

Does each sleeper set up their own account?

Yes, each sleeper will download the Bryte app and create their own profile to control their side of the bed. Each unique profile can independently adjust their comfort, access BryteWaves content, engage with Sleep Concierge, and receive perosnalized sleep insights.

How do you control the mattress?

The Bryte Balance smart bed is controlled by the Bryte app on your smartphone. After downloading the Bryte app, you will be prompted to pair and set up your bed.

If there are two people sleeping on the bed, both sleepers will need to download the app on their mobile devices and to set up their respective sides and access personalized features.

Can the mattress be used with an adjustable base?

Yes! Your Bryte Balance smart bed is compatible with adjustable bases that move as one piece. Feel free to play a BryteWaves track while in your favorite zero gravity position, but we don't recommend playing the BryteWaves when the base is fully articulated.

Bryte Balance is not compatible with a split King or split head adjustable base.

Can Bryte Balance be used with a regular bed frame?

Absolutely. The Bryte Balance smart mattress is compatible with standard and low profile flat foundations, adjustable bases that move as a single unit, and slatted bed frames where the slats are less than 3" apart.

Does Bryte Balance come with a foundation?

The Bryte Balance smart bed is sold as a mattress only, allowing for the choie a low or high profile flat foundation, an adjustable base that moves as a single unit, or slatted bed frames with slats less than 3" apart.

Delivery and Installation

When can I expect to receive my new bed?

After your Bryte Balance smart bed has shipped, you can expect to receive your mattress in about 2-3 weeks.

What is the "Mattress Recycling Fee"?

State law for CA, CT and RI requires all mattress companies to collect a mandatory fee for each mattress that's delivered on behalf of the state. This small fee is set by each state and is different for each state. State law prevents us from discounting or refunding this fee, unless your mattress is returned and a full refund is given.

Do you take my old mattress?

Our delivery partner implemented post-Covid policey and does not remove old mattresses. We recommend checking your local policies for mattress donation or disposal.

How do I know the status of my order and how and I track it?

We'll send a confirmation email to let you know we've received your order along with two emails to help you track delivery -- one email once your bed has shipped and another with tracking information once it becomes available. You can use your tracking number on our delivery partner's website to track your order.

What is included within the delivery fee?

Our delivery team will move the mattress into your room of choice, place it on your bed frame, and remove any packaging or debris. Please note that the bed frame should be open and clear prior to the delivery team's arrival.

Setting delivery

When your mattress is packaged and ready for delivery, you'll receive an email that your mattress has shipped to a local delivery hub. Once it arrives, a local team member will contact you directly to schedule your preferred delivery date and 4-hour window.

Where do you ship?

Your Bryte Balance smart mattress ships within the continental United States (this excludes Hawaii and Alaska).

Warranty and Returns

How do I return my mattress or cancel my order?

To start a return or cancel your unfulfilled order, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at to start the process.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100 night trial period because it can take a few weeks to grow accustomed to a new mattress and we want you to have plenty of time to make sure Bryte Balance is the mattress for you. If at any time in your first 100 nights you would like to return, please reach out to and our Customer Care Team will start the return process.

How do I start a warranty return?

If you think you mattress may be experincing a warranty issue, click here to be taken to the warranty claim form. Once received, we will reach out with any additional questions and work to begin the warranty process.

What is your warranty?

Your Bryte Balance smart bed is supported by a 10-year limited warranty. All foam and mattress fabrics are covered by a 10-year limited warranty and technology components including Bryte Balancers, electronics, and power cords have a 4-year pro-rated warranty. Click here to see our full warranty information.

Bryte App and Troubleshooting

I want to add a second profile to my bed, how do I do it?

To add a partner, they'll need to download the Bryte app from the app store. Once the app is downloaded, they can walk through the set up process and select their side of the bed.

If you've been the only sleeper on your bed, adjust your configuration by navigating to the "Settings" tab, clicking "Bed," adjusting your configuration from "both" to either the left or right side depending on where you'll sleep. Please note that the left or right side is determined by standing at the foot of the bed.

I think there's something going on with my Bryte bed.

We're sorry you're experiencing issues with your bed. Please go into your app, select 'Settings' in the bottom righthand corner, select 'Help & Support', and then 'Contact support'.

Please type a bit about what problems are are experiencing, which sends a summary to our Customer Care Team who will contact you to investigate your issue.

Will my pets show up in my sleep data?

Pets can sometimes show up as sleep data, especially if they're napping on your bed. The algorithms used by the Bryte Balance smart bed to capture sleep insights can sometimes detect pet movements, heart rate, and respiration rate, which can send you a sleep report while they're napping or at times slightly skew nightly data.

What's the relationship between nightly adjustments and sleep quality?

The number of adjustments per night is neither good nor bad - this measurement reflects the number of times the bed responded to your movements so that it could reduce areas of pressure in each new sleeping position. To help keep you asleep, the Bryte Balance smart mattress proactively adjusts comfort where it senses areas of pressure build-up, that when left unattended, can cause you to wake from discomfort. When there are more adjustments, it means you were moving more that night, perhaps recovering from a hard workout, dealing with a pesky pet, or reacting to noise or snoring. The more the bed adjusts, the harder its working to minimize the impact some external factors can have on your sleep.

What can I see in my Sleep Insights?

Each morning, Bryte users get a view into their nightly sleep metrics. Using heart rate, breath rate, and proprietary algorithms, Bryte calculates the percentage of time spent asleep each night (sleep efficiency), how much of your sleep was uninterrupted (sleep continuity), recovery metricss, sleep score, and the amount of times your bed balanced pressure to help keep you asleep.

By tapping on the circle to converse with Sleep Concierge in your Sleep Insights tab, you can get broader insight into data and trends.

What does my Sleep Score mean?

Your Sleep Score is a calculated by combining sleep duration (how long you slept), sleep continuity (how much of your sleep was uninterrupted), and sleep efficiency (the percentage of time spent asleep at night) into a single score.

How does Sleep Concierge work?

Sleep Concierge is your friendly, on-call expert for all things sleep. By tapping on the circle in the Sleep Insights tab, you can converse with Sleep Concierge to examine your sleep metrics, identify trends, and start to connect how your daily activities might impact your sleep.

Sleep Concierge can also suggest and deploy shortterm changes in comfort, like if you're feeling particularly sore from a work out or for when you're a little under-the-weather. All you have to do is ask!

What is BryteWaves and how do I use it?

BryteWaves features a library of sleep content that syncs gentle, head-to-toe motion with calming audio track designed to help you relax and fall asleep -- it's something very special about your Bryte Balance smart bed.

To access the content, simply click the "Waves" icon on the bottom of the Bryte app menu and scroll through natural soundscapes, ambient and atmospheric tracks, guided meditations, or sleep songs. For most pieces you can choose your length of time and whether you'd like to pair motion and audio (or decouple for a motion-only or audio-only experience).

Feel free to play audio through your favorite pair of headphones, a bluetooth speaker, or through your phone.

My sleep data doesn't match the data from another fitness tracking device, why?

Different fitness and/or sleep tracking apps/devices collect and compile data a bit differently, so it's common for data across apps to not perfectly match. The important thing to monitor is whether the trends in data match, not the exact metrics.

What data does Bryte collect?

To help calculate your sleep insights, Bryte collects the information you provide during initial set up, sleep analysis data, device adjustments like firmness setting, and technical information from the bed and app. A more detailed view into data can be found in our privacy policy.

Can I set up a guest profile?

At this time, we do not have the capability to set up a guest profile on your mattress.

How do I know what comfort is right for me?

We make it easy to adjust the comfort of your mattress. Simply open your Bryte app and click "Tailored Comfort." Once opened, you can adjust your comfort using firmness slider. You'll see a loading bar as the bed adjusts and can hit "save" to save your favorite comfort setting.

From all the way soft to all the firm, it takes about 1 minute to fully adjust.

How do I know what comfort setting is right for me?

It's normal to take a little time to find your right comfort setting, and Bryte's Guided Comfort Tailoring process checks in to help you fine-tune your setting until you find your Tailored Comfort. During setup, Bryte will recommend a starting firmness range based on your physical attributes and sleep preferences. On day 3, 6, 10, and 14 your Bryte app will check in with you, ask how're sleeping, and make recommendations to help you dial in your comfort.

Some people find their setting right away, others take a little time to explore. Either way, you're never alone in the journey -- our customer care team or our in-app Sleep Concierge are always here to help.

Do I need wifi to connect to my bed?

During the set up process, wifi is required to set up your bed. However, after initial setup, the Bryte app connects to your bed via bluetooth and does not require wifi for you to adjust your comfort, play downloaded BryteWaves content, or to automatically balance pressure. However, wifi is required to receive your daily sleep insights or converse with Sleep Concierge.

Does Bryte Balance have temperature control?

Unlike our previous, discontinued model, Bryte Balance does not offer temperature control. However, there are cooling fibers in the cover.

Product Care

Moving my mattress.

Moving your mattress? No problem! Simply unplug, move to your new room, and replug in. If moving to a new house, you'll need to reconnect to your new wifi.

How do I clean. spill on the cover?

While we always recommend using a mattress protector to protect your mattress from spills, you can use cold water and a mild soap to try and remove a stain. The cover is not desinged to be washed.

Should I use a protector with my mattress?

Yes, we recommend using a mattress protector to help protect against spills and stains.

Can I use a mattress pad on my mattress?

You can, but it's not recommended. A thick mattress pad may change the comfort of your mattress and may impact the effectiveness of some BryteWaves content.

Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress?

No, the Bryte Balance smart mattress should not be flipped or rotated. The Bryte logo should always be at the foot of the bed.


If I lost my bed's power supply in a move, can I order a new one?

Absolutely. Our Customer Care Team would be happy to place the order for you, just reach out to and we'll send you an invoice to complete the order.

Can I sleep in the middle of the mattress?

Of course! There's not divider between the two sides of the mattress.

If you're a single sleeper, select "both" sides of the mattress to have the both sides adjust as one. If you share the bed and still sleep in the middle, there may be a difference in firmness depending on the difference between your and your partner's comfort settings.

Is the mattress loud?

Your Bryte Balance smart mattress is whisper quiet, but you may hear an occassional hum if it's adjusting in a silent room.

Where can I try a Bryte Balance smart mattress?

Our locations page provides links to our incredible hospitality partners across the United States.

I already have a Bryte profile, can I use it when traveling to a hotel with Bryte mattresses?

Our hotel partners allow you to access the mattress features without the need to download an app or sign in. If sleeping on a Bryte Balance smart bed in a hotel, you'll simply scan a QR code to set your comfort and access BrtyeWaves content. By entering your email, you can still get your daily sleep report.

What happens to my bed if the power goes out?

Not to worry! If the power goes out, your bed does not lose air and will maintain the level of firmness it was set at when the power went out. Without power, your Bryte functions as a standard mattress.

What about EMF?

Bryte Balance has been designed to minimize electromagnetic fields, or EMF, by disabling Bluetooth and minimizing Wifi communication during sleep, which is primarily used to calculate Sleep Insights. Electronics are located farthest away from the sleeper at the foot of the bed.  

If you'd like, feel free to turn off your wifi at night. Your Bryte Balance smart mattress will still be able to play downloaded BryteWaves tracks, adjust its comfort, and automatically balance pressure.  When you turn your wifi back on in the morning, your sleep data will automatically upload and eventually show up in your Sleep Insights tab.

Does Bryte Balance have temperature control?

Unlike our previous, discontinued model, Bryte Balance does not offer temperature control. However, there are cooling fibers in the cover.

Do you have any financing options available?

We do! You can take advantage of interest-free financing for 36 months.