Introducing Restorative Sleep Technology

The new era of natural sleep

Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. Wake fully restored. Both intelligently adaptive and customizable to individual preferences, experience the most exceptional sleep ever – whether at home or staying in your favorite hotel.

Restorative Sleep Technology employs breakthrough data, engineering, and AI technologies that both track and actively respond to your needs. This new, more holistic approach to sleep technology finally allows us to unlock the full potential of restorative sleep, reviving the body and refocusing the mind.

Bryte Rebalancing™

Continually orchestrate the perfect, personalized support and comfort for up to two individual sleepers in any position with a matrix of 80 intelligent cushions that sense and relieve pressure spikes.

Bryte Relaxation™

Gently eases sleepers into a peaceful mental state by creating a quiet, soothing motion from head to toe beneath your body.

Bryte Sleep Analysis

After a night’s sleep, the Bryte Restorative Intelligence system will analyze your sleep data and provide a detailed sleep cycle report.

Bryte Profile™

Guest sleep profiles are securely stored so that the next time a guest stays with you, their Restorative Bed will automatically be set up for their optimal personal sleep experience.

Circadian Climate™

Built-in technology to gently warm and cool the sleeper’s core body temperature, optimizing sleep stages through the night, and offering a natural waking experience in the morning by gently warming the bed.


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