The Restorative Bed by Bryte

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Purpose-built to improve restorative sleep

hotspot tablet viewing bryte technology

Simple and intuitive control via mobile app or dedicated bedside tablet (hotels only).

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bed temperature

Wearables not required.
Advanced biometric sensors integrated deep within the Restorative Bed intuit your needs while you sleep.

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artificial intelligence used for beds

A matrix of 100 intelligent cushions sense and relieve pressure points in real time. Create perfect support and comfort for any sleeper in any position.

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bedding technology

Built-in temperature control system adjusts in real time throughout the night to create the perfect environment for each sleeper.

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For 200 years, our beds have remained essentially the same. In the last few years, sleep research has finally helped us see what needs to change.

Bryte is the first bed to be completely reimagined from the inside out, based on everything sleep science has discovered about improving sleep quality.

Though it takes the familiar form of a luxury bed, the inside contains an unprecedented level of technology, advancing the very notion of a bed from simply the object you sleep on to the platform that improves the quality of your sleep.

Fall asleep faster

Relax and fall asleep faster

The first step in increasing total sleep time is falling asleep more quickly. Bryte helps by creating the most soothing, luxurious environment for your unique preferences, then lulling you to sleep with multi-sensory relaxation.

Stay asleep longer

Relaxation lull
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Bryte’s pressure release system enables you to avoid waking up during the night. While any mattress can contour to your body, only Bryte is able to intelligently release the pressure created by contouring and eliminate pressure points that wake you up.

Optimize your sleep stages

Optimize your sleep stages with climate control

Each distinct stage of sleep is critical to producing restorative sleep, but most adults suffer from imbalanced sleep stages. The Restorative Bed™ by Bryte uses AI-powered climate control to help guide your body through an optimum balance of sleep stages.

Realizing better sleep with Restorative Intelligence™

Restful hotel room

It’s one thing to have an array of powerful features collected in a bed. But it’s only when the bed knows how to apply them to your sleep needs in real time that you can see a real difference in your sleep quality.

Recognizing that sleep is personal and dynamic, Bryte uses AI to apply the right amount of adjustment at the right time, continually fine-tuning while you sleep and optimizing over time for more restorative sleep.

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The most restorative sleep is natural sleep

Since its inception, technology has disrupted our sleep and deprived us of the restorative benefits. But applied correctly, technology can be a powerful ally that removes modern sleep disruptions and reconnects us with the full potential of natural sleep.

Soothing ocean waves

Anti-disruptive technology

Bryte technology does not hack or interfere with natural sleep processes in any way. Instead, it removes and counteracts the disruptions in our modern environment, paving the way for natural sleep.

A gentle sunrise

As nature intended

By recreating the natural sleep conditions we’ve lost to the modern world, Bryte technology satisfies your body’s most primal sleep needs. From the breath-like motion that lulls you to sleep, to the cave-like cooling at night, to the gently warming sunrise of morning.

Lush leaves

Low EMF, healthy materials

The Restorative Bed meets all FCC and UL emissions requirements. These include the latest FCC standards for radiation and EMF, EMI, and EMC emissions. All internal bed electronics are located away from sleepers at the foot of the bed.

Bryte’s unique AI:
Restorative Intelligence

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