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The National Sleep Foundation shortlists Bryte for 3rd annual SleepTech® award.

Now in its third year, The SleepTech® Award is given annually by NSF based on the recommendation of a panel of sleep experts who review the descriptions and representations of how the applicants’ products and services support sleep science and achieve innovation in sleep technology in order to improve sleep health. Previous winners include Rest, Timeshifter and the Snoo, by Happiest Baby.

From a field of more than 40 companies working in the field of sleep technology, Bryte and The Restorative Bed™, along with Ensodata and eventual winner Itamar Medical were invited to present to a panel of judges including Dr Breus.

We couldn’t have been more impressed with all three finalists. We struggled to select a winner

Judge Lloyd Sommers, Chair of the NSF Sleep Tech Council.

Ely Tsern, co-founder and CEO of Bryte said: "We are grateful for the National Sleep Foundation and for their accomplishments in advocating for sleep as the foundation of health.  So it is a great honor to have been selected as a finalist for this award selected as a finalist for this award among a large field of sleep technology innovators."

We would like to thank The National Sleep Foundation and the judges for their recognition, and we congratulate Itamar Medical for their win.

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