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"I used to think of sleep as the third pillar of health, alongside exercise and nutrition. Now I realize that sleep, especially restorative sleep, is the foundation upon which all other pillars of health and wellness are built."

-Dr. Matt Walker
Bestselling Author: "Why We Sleep"
Lead Sleep Science Advisor: Bryte
Founder: Center for Human Sleep Science, UC Berkeley

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Actively improving restorative sleep

Every night you cycle through various stages of sleep, of which REM sleep and Deep Sleep are the most restorative to your mind and body.  To improve the quality and quantity of restorative sleep requires active optimization in three distinct areas.

1. Less time awake

The more total sleep you get, the more time you have to opportunity you have to enter restorative sleep. Key to achieving this is being about to fall asleep faster, and return to sleep quickly after waking during the night.

2. More REM sleep

REM sleep, or "Dream sleep" is the most mind-restorative phase of sleep. Increasing time spent in REM sleep improves the ability of your body to naturally improve cognitive function, mood, memory and performance.

3. More deep sleep

Short-Wave Sleep (SWS) is most commonly known as “Deep sleep” and is the stage of sleep most restorative to your body.  More time spent in deep sleep will help your body heal, recover and create immunity against infection.

Transformational outcomes

Bryte is the only sleep solution purpose-built to optimize for these three critical factors. Now with more that 30,000 sleeper-nights optimized, Bryte sleepers are experiencing unprecedented improvements in restorative sleep.

Less time awake

By helping you fall asleep faster, reducing night-time wake events and helping you return to sleep quickly if you do wake, Bryte saves you from frustrating time spent awake in bed, and unlocks an average 30 mins more sleep per night.

More REM sleep

By helping you stay asleep longer and creating the opportunity for longer time spent in REM sleep, Bryte has enabled increases in REM sleep of more than 100%.

More deep sleep

Bryte sleepers have experienced increases in deep sleep of up to 50%, which is equivalent to a 65 year old person experiencing the deep sleep experienced by a 50 year old person.

Fall asleep faster

Falling asleep quickly, or getting back to sleep after waking in the night is often the most difficult challenge that robs most people of sufficient sleep. Bryte actively helps you fall asleep quickly in three distinct ways.

Preps for sleep

As bedtime approaches Bryte begins to set your Restorative Bed to your preferred temperature fall falling asleep. Optionally connect to compatible Hue lighting and Bryte will also dim and warm lights to trigger melatonin release and encourage sleep.

Rocks you to sleep

If you find it difficult to switch off at night, activate Bryte's optional Dynamic Lull and relax with a breath-like motion that moves under your body like a meditative bodyscan.

No compromise

Every sleeper is different, and what may encourage sleep for your partner may inhibit sleep for you. Every dimension of your Restorative Bed, from pressure to temperature can be tuned to each sleeper independently of the other.

More REM sleep

The last half of your natural sleep accounts for the majority of your REM sleep — the sleep responsible for learning, understanding, and processing. REM sleep improves reaction times, aids knowledge retention, and alleviates anxiety and mental disorders.

Because it occurs toward the end of your sleep, losing just 25% of total sleep could mean up to a 90% reduction in REM sleep.

Dynamic pressure

Often, sleep is lost to “wake events” triggered by discomfort. The Restorative Bryte intuitively senses any pressure points and autonomously adjusts pressure by the inch to prevent you waking.

Personal contours

Further refine your next level of comfort and reduce wake events even further by choosing to configure support in 12 zones along your body.

Sleep naturally

When sleep problems cause anxiety about bedtime, many people turn to sedatives such as sleeping pills and alcohol, which actively block REM sleep. Bryte offers unique confidence to sleep as nature intended.

More deep sleep

Each night, we move through multiple stages of sleep, cycling through each one as the mind and body activate different systems of restoration.

Dynamic cooling

The sensory network inside the Restorative Bed™ detects your heart rate and breathing patterns to identify when the first sleep stage has begun. Then cooling features engage to lower the body’s core temperature gently, guiding you into the critical stages of deep sleep.

Personal climate

Dynamic cooling is yet another dimension of The Restorative Bed that is personalized to each individual sleeper, allowing you to optimize your deep sleep without disturbing or compromising for your partner.

Evolutionary learning

Bryte uses an advanced form of AI called Evolutionary Learning. Every night, Bryte performs imperceptible micro-experiments to discover new adjustments that influence deeper sleep for you and only you.

Wake naturally

The science

Artificially terminating our sleep with the sound of an alarm causes a spike in the stress hormone called cortisol, which disrupts not only our emotional well-being but also our cardiovascular and metabolic systems. Our bodies prefer to wake gradually with the rising temperature and brightness of daytime.

The technology

Bryte leads you naturally out of sleep with warming temperature and lighting that mimics the glow of sunrise. An option for gentle movement helps to nudge sleepers softly awake at the right time.

Sleep uniquely

The science

Like the curves of our fingerprints and the sounds of our voices, our own sleep preferences and patterns are unique to us. What eases one person into sleep may keep another awake. To improve sleep, we need to tailor the experience to the individual sleeper.

The technology

Warmer or cooler. Firmer or softer. At the beginning of your night or in the middle. From comfort to temperature, Bryte personalizes every dimension of the sleep experience moment by moment, even as individual sleep partners vary in their moods and movements.