Actively improve restorative sleep

Science and technology meet luxury to restore the power of natural sleep.

Welcome to your restorative room

Replace your conventional bed with The Restorative Bed that connects to an integrated sleep experience. Click on an item below to learn more

1. The Restorative Bed

Simply replaces your conventional beds and connects to the Restorative cloud to actively improve your restorative sleep. No renovation required - all you need is wifi and a power outlet.
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2. Tablet/mobile apps

Simple, intuitive control for each individual sleeper. Provided with tablet and app for hotels or free iPhone/Android app for your home. Regularly updated with "over-the-air" remote updates.

3. Restorative Cloud

Accesses Bryte's online Restorative Intelligence to continually learn how to improve and optimize restorative sleep for each sleeper. Each personal profile and preferences can be accessed from any Bryte Restorative Bed worldwide, including our network of hotel partners.

4. Optional integrations

From optional in-room integrations to lighting, air conditioning and purification, to backend hotel management applications, Bryte is able to optimize the entire sleep environment to promote improved restorative sleep.

Restorative sleep is the foundation of health and wellness


From creating antibodies to fight infection, to recovering from illness, restorative sleep is the Dr Nature's primary prescription for keeping us healthy.


Restorative sleep is the vessel through which all other investments in nutrition, exercise and recovery are realized. Our energy, recovery, emotional positivity and resilience to life's challenges are dependent on restorative sleep.


Restorative sleep is what enables us to learn, remember and improve, both physically and mentally. To invest in restorative sleep is to live the best version of ourselves.

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Shally Sinha

Medical Director,
Palo Alto, CA

5-star rating for Bryte bed


By far the most comfortable...

My husband and I are very picky sleepers and have slept on multiple mattresses in the past. The Bryte mattress is finally one that combines optimal temperature and comfort, which was customized to each of our unique needs at set-up.  The Bryte Bed is by far the most comfortable bed either of us have slept on.

& Olivia Choi

Menlo Park, CA

5 star rated bed


The entire experience was exceptional

The Bryte bed changed the way that my wife and I sleep.  At first my wife was skeptical about a new bed, but given that she likes the bed cold and soft, while I like the bed warm and firm, she was willing to give it a try.  After laying on it for 10 minutes, my wife immediately changed her tune.  She thought the bed was extremely comfortable, flexible and "smart", and she is so glad we tried the bed out.

Tracy Downing

Los Altos, CA

5-star rated bed


An unexpected and pleasant surprise

I use an Oura ring and look solely at sleep score which aggregates many data points related to sleep quality.  My score was typically mid 80s (out of 100%) prior to Bryte and now is consistently low 90s with the occasionally 98% which I didn't even think was possible but now shoot for!

Anonymous Guest

Park City, UT

5-star luxury sleep experience


This bed is amazing

To be honest, we usually don’t have a good sleep in hotels but this makes a huge difference.  Will definitely be back!

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