The one bed that delights every guest

The luxury sleep experience that learns each individual guest's needs, and adjusts every aspect in realtime, throughout the night.

Deliver wellness through every room

By actively improving sleep, The Restorative Bed™ by Bryte forms the centerpiece of your portfolio of health and wellness-focussed amenities that are critical to your differentiation in 2020 and beyond.

1. The Restorative Bed

Simply replaces your conventional beds and connects to the Restorative cloud to actively improve your guests' restorative sleep. No renovation required - all you need is wifi and a power outlet.
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2. Tablet and app

Simple, intuitive control for each individual sleeper via one tablet on each side of the bed. Co-branded for your hotel and regularly improved with "over-the-air" remote updates.

3. Restorative Cloud

Accesses Bryte's online Restorative Intelligence to continually learn how to improve and optimize restorative sleep for your guests. Each guest's profile and preferences can be accessed from any Bryte Restorative Bed worldwide.

4. Commercial integrations

From in-room integrations to lighting, air conditioning and purification, to backend hotel management applications, Bryte is the only sleep system purpose-built for luxury hospitality needs.

The business case for better sleep

Bryte’s hospitality-grade system actively contributes to your guests’ delight throughout the night, working to improve revPAR by giving them the sleep they’ll come back for.


and make a lasting impression on guests through a truly personal experience.


new guests seeking the latest standard in wellness and hospitality.


operational efficiency with durable, integration-ready, hospitality-grade beds.

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Holistic and customized in-room wellness

Meditation & relaxation

Guided relaxation experiences uniquely synchronized with multi-sensory capability of Bryte technology.

Timed naps

Individualized daytime nap experiences could be requested by guest or recommended by Bryte

Jet-lag relief

Coordinated before, during and after-stay extended experience that helps guest adjust to time zone changes

Circadian lighting

Bryte interfaces with smart lighting and blind products to control light spectrums that promote sleep readiness.

Environment control

Bryte senses ambient temperature and humidity and can manage the room HVAC system to to optimize the entire room for sleep

Integrated services

Bryte is the platform that can connect wellness offerings from your spa or restaurant for a fully integrated experience

Anonymous Guest

Park City, UT

5-star luxury sleep experience


This bed is amazing

To be honest, we usually don’t have a good sleep in hotels but this makes a huge difference.  Will definitely be back!

Anonymous guest

Bellevue, WA

5-star rating for Bryte bed


So relaxing

we are loving the bed. A perfect nest!


Bellevue, WA

5 star rated bed


We loved it

So much better than the bed we slept on in the room the night before.  Definitely will book again to get this bed!

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How it works

Created with the latest scientific understanding of sleep, Bryte actively measures, learns, and applies what works best for each sleeper, unlocking the extraordinary benefits of a good night’s sleep.

How it works

Profitable commercial options

Contact us to explore tailored commercial agreements that offer the potential to be net-profitable for each property

Incremental revenue

Earn additional revenue through rebates on attributable guest purchases

Flexible terms

Optional CapEx or OpEx business models to suit your needs

Volume discounts

Significant discounts beyond industry standards available for volume purchase

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As hospitality professionals ourselves, we are excited about how we can help your business by helping to reunite your guests with sleep.

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